Welcome to my podcast page! 🙂

The Truly Rich and Blessed podcast—or simply #TRBPodcast—is my humble thanksgiving “offering” to God for all that He has blessed me with these past years. That’s why I’m launching it on my __th birthday (I’ll never tell the actual number! Ha, ha!)!

The idea of creating a podcast was planted in my mind some months ago. I had been praying about it on and off, but I only became more serious about it when Ate Stef Patag—one of my mentors when it comes to all things Catholic motherhood—reached out to invite me to co-host The PinayVoices Podcast with her.

After some more prayer and a bit of fun experimenting with Anchor, here I am sharing the #TRBPodcast with you all! It’s a totally “amateur” production of course, since I am really new at recording and editing my own episodes. (To be completely honest, I actually recycled part of one of our #TodayWithTeamJMJ episodes for the first podcast episode!) 😀 BUT I decided to just go public with it anyway. I’m offering it up to the Lord to do with as He wills, just as He has always done with other things like this blog.

It’s my hope and prayer that He will use this podcast to encourage and inspire others to live a “richer” and fuller life, all for His greater glory alone! I really hope you’ll join me (and hopefully, my future guests) as we discover and grow the “riches” we already have. Let’s journey together! 🙂

If you want to chat with me virtually, please feel free to connect with me on Instagram @tinasrodriguez or visit bit.ly/tinasrodriguez for a more complete picture of all my passions as a self-proclaimed “media missionary.”

In everything, may God be glorified!


You can listen to the #TRBPodcast on Spotify, Anchor, and (trying to work this out because it seems to be showing only one episode so far, LOL!) Apple Podcasts.

When we embrace our vocations, we become fully alive. We become on fire for Jesus—and this fire spills over to everything we do for the people around us. So with this episode, I’d like to invite you, dear friends, to take a look at the vocation that you have now. What is God calling you to do? What is your life’s work, your mission, your calling, your function in life? Whatever it is, do it well, for the greater glory of God!


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Listen to the song “Have Your Way” by Feast Worship as you reflect on your calling.

Part of our “riches” is our self, particularly our identity as God’s children. We need to embrace who we are in Christ so that we can live a rich and full life. (I share about a beautiful song that emphasizes this towards the end but unfortunately if you’re a free Spotify user, you won’t be able to hear the whole thing! Ooops! Sorry! You can listen to it here though: https://bit.ly/psalm139rebeccastjames)

For the book mentioned in this episode, check out https://www.feastbooks.ph 🙂

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Links/resources mentioned:

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