Hi! I’m Tina Santiago Rodriguez, a Catholic wife, homeschool mom, and self-professed “media missionary.” 

I’m also the founder of “Truly Rich and Blessed” or TRB. This is your little space on the Web where you will (hopefully!) find inspiration and encouragement for discovering — and growing — the “riches” that you already have. (You can read more about TRB—and me!—on the About page.)

Drawing inspiration from Matthew 6:25-33 and the teachings of Catholic lay preacher and author Brother Bo Sanchez, I hope to help you lead a richer and fuller life in all aspects, while “keeping it real” at all times.

I pray that my blog posts, videos, online community, social media posts, and offline events will bless and inspire you somehow — all for God’s greater glory!

To read TRB blog posts, click here. (Apologies in advance for any missing photos and broken links! I explained here that this site was supposed to be just a temporary “home” for my real blog but due to circumstances beyond my control, my real blog isn’t mine anymore. 😦 *sighs*)

To watch my videos (and our family’s online show!), click here: http://bit.ly/TRBonYouTube

To listen to me speak via online talks, send me an e-mail to invite me to your event via trulyrichandblessed@gmail.com

To connect with other people who want to discover and grow the riches they already have, join our Facebook group here: https://facebook.com/groups/trulyrichandblessed/ (It’s actually sumkinda inactive now, but I hope to revive it soon!)

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I also invite you to learn more about how to “enrich” your life by visiting this page.

May God bless you in your journey to becoming truly rich… and blessed!

P.S. I used to own both the “TrulyRichMom.com” and “TrulyRichandBlessed.com” websites but due to some technical issues beyond my control, they have been completely taken over by different entities, and now the content is totally different! 😦 My heart is broken, but I claim that God has a deeper purpose behind all of these.

So if you’re an old blog reader/follower or if you’re from a PR company that I’ve worked with in the past, and have been wondering why in the world those sites look completely different (and not at all “mommy-related”), now you know! Please feel free to follow my posts here instead, or better yet, subscribe to them. You can also e-mail me via trulyrichandblessed@gmail.com 🙂 God bless!