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The “riches” that we have on earth include everything that God has given us to expand our knowledge and everything from which we can gain inspiration. This includes physical resources like books and mentors (i.e. real-live human beings) who can help us learn how to be “truly rich” in all aspects, including our finances.

Tina counts herself blessed to be learning from the aforementioned resources, and would like to share them with you here, in her own words.

“First off, there is Kerygma Books (also known as Shepherd’s Voice Publications). I have been a fan of their inspirational books, magazines and devotionals ever since I was a teenager, and they have helped me grow A LOT in faith and in other aspects too. Their personal finance books have also helped me and my husband in being more intentional with our finances, and in being good financial stewards. We’ve also learned how to enrich not just our family life, but our finances as well.”

If you are interested in enriching your life (and those of your loved ones!) through books and other materials that provide practical inspiration, click on this link or on the image below to browse Kerygma Books’ vast collection of titles.

kerygma books 2

“Second, there’s the Truly Rich Club. A few years ago, I would never have imagined that our young family would be “owners” of huge, successful companies like Ayala Corporation, BDO and SM… but now we are, as fairly new stock market investors — thanks to the wisdom and “mentoring” we’re getting via Bro. Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club. We’re not financial experts yet but we are learning many things every month! :)”

If you are interested in gaining financial wealth and spiritual abundance at the same time, Tina invites you to join her at the Truly Rich Club. Just click here or on the image below for more details. 🙂

truly rich club 2

“Third, allow me to invite you to attend a FREE seminar that helped me and my husband get our finances in order, and discover ways to be ‘truly rich’ in the financial aspect: The ‘Building Your Future’ Seminar by the IMG-Wealth Academy covers the basic principles of building a financial foundation. Held regularly in different places in the Philippines and other countries, the seminar will help you be more financially literate and take control of your finances.”

img wa

If you’re interested in attending the “Building Your Future” seminar, please fill up the form below so we can get in touch with you regarding seminar schedules in or near your area. 

May the Lord — the True Source of all “riches” on earth and in heaven — guide us and bless us as we work to enrich our lives; so that we may bless others as well!

Full disclosure: Please note that the links in this page are affiliate links, meaning Tina will earn a small amount from any purchases you make, or any club membership fees you pay — at NO additional cost to you. 🙂 Thank you for supporting Truly Rich and Blessed (and Tina’s family) in this way!