Homeschooling in the Philippines: Where to Get Support

This post is the fourth of 7 posts that I’ll be writing this week, as my response to Jen @ Conversion Diary’s 2nd Epic Blogging Challenge. To God be all the glory! :)

Most homeschoolers would probably agree with me when I say that homeschooling is less stressful and challenging when you know that you’re not alone. Support is important and, as we all know, “no man is an island,” and I think this applies especially to homeschooling parents (who are mostly moms).

If you’re a homeschooler or thinking of becoming one, you need not fear! There are many support groups for homeschoolers nowadays compared to before, according to more “veteran” Filipino homeschoolers. Even if these are mostly online, support is still support, right? 🙂

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Before I list down the homeschool support groups that I’m aware of, allow me to say that if you are enrolled with a local provider like Catholic Filipino Academy (CFA), you will find it easier to get support. CFA, in particular, has parent coaches and parent coordinators per grade level, to help you in your homeschooling journey. They also have Facebook communities (groups) for certain groups, like the K1-K2 parents, Grade 2 parents, high school students, etc. The CFA South parents and students, in particular, are quite active and meet regularly. (CFA South meaning they are mostly located in the Southern part of Metro Manila, and the nearby provinces.)

Another way to get support is through homeschool co-ops, like those organized by The Master’s Academy (TMA). Other homeschoolers — independent and otherwise — form their own co-ops.

Having said that, here’s a list of homeschool support groups (mostly online) that you may want to join:

Pinoy Homeschool Yahoogroup ( — An email group composed of different homeschoolers, ranging from those with DepEd-accredited providers and those who are independent and unschooling (Sorry, the link to the group description page on YahooGroups seems to be missing/dead!) There is a Facebook group with the same name though, which you can find here. Here’s the group description:

This is the FB page for members of PINOYHOMESCHOOL yahoogroup (formed in 2001)…FB’s features would allow the members to connect better…from YG homepage we find the ff description of the group: This forum will help us explore and process homeschooling ideas and materials, ensuring that what we use in our home are relevant and responsive to the Filipino culture and to our children’s unique needs and learning styles…This group is not affiliated to any homeschool programs in the Philippines, although some of our members/members’ children may be involved/enrolled with any of them.

Proverbs 22:6ers Yahoogroup — An email group composed mostly of Christian homeschoolers. Below is the group description:

Proverbs 22:6ers is a Filipino homeschool community who believes that it is the responsibility of the parents to “train up a child in the way that he should go,” just as the Bible commands it.

Homeschoolers in the Philippines — A Facebook support group for Filipino homeschoolers

Cebu Homeschool Network — A blogsite to help homeschoolers in Cebu. Below is the description:

Cebu Homeschool Network is  your starting place for exploring homeschooling here in Cebu.
The group was started by Ms. Chelo Echaves, Maria Martha Acla, Fleire Castro and Joan Po who met at the Pinoy Homeschooling Yahoo Group and decided to meet and discuss our homeschooling experiences every month.
Along the course of out meetups, we have also met up with other families who were not yet into homeschooling but are very interested in this option for educating their kids.
This blog will contain our experiences and journey with homeschooling, our activities and events that provide support to all of us homeschoolers.
We welcome every homeschool association, support group and homeschooling families into our network.

ROCKERS Philippines — This is the community that I believe God led me to form, after I met Liza Castaneda, another Catholic independent homeschooler. ROCKERS stands for “Roman Catholics Keeping Education Real.” We interact mostly online, but try to meet at least once every quarter (it used to be once a month but people have been busy!). The group is made up of current and former Catholic homeschoolers, and still-discerning-about-homeschooling Catholics in and outside the Philippines. We do have a few non-Catholics in the group though — everyone is welcome! 🙂 One of our “trademark” events is our yearly All Saints Day party — you can see a few photos of last year’s party here.

Photo by MRLightworkz Photography

Of course, there is also the Homeschool Association of the Philippines Islands, or HAPI for short. Here’s the description of HAPI from our website:

Homeschooling has been around in the Philippines for probably since the 70’s through American Christian missionaries who came here with their families. But it has only been in the last 10 years that a surge of awareness and interest has been observed. Momentum has picked up steadily, with more homeschool providers rising up to support the families that desire to do it as a choice over conventional schooling.

HAPI stands for “Homeschool Association of the Philippine Islands”, and is a non-stock, non-profit advocacy of Filipino homeschoolers. Incorporated in June, 2009, it then mobilized leaders of various homeschool groups to mount projects and initiatives to help Filipino homeschoolers-at-large. In October 2010, HAPI was formally launched during the 3rd Philippine Homeschool Conference, and has since gathered approximately 3,000 member parents and children.

HAPI which is run by a diverse core group of volunteers is affiliated with HSLDA (Homeschool Legal Defense of America), the largest homeschooling organization in the world.



To be a catalyst in nation-building, by advancing home education and unifying and empowering home educators across the Philippines.


HAPI envisions a movement of transformed families that are compassionate, authentic, competent thus creating positive change in their communities and the nation as a whole.


As I mentioned before, I’m a member of the HAPI Core Group but have been mostly inactive due to my current ‘season in life’ — being the mom of three young kids. However, I do hope to be able to join our next meeting, which is very soon! 🙂

Now, let me ask you: Are you a homeschooler? Where do you get YOUR support? I’d love to know! 🙂 Let’s talk in the comments!

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13 thoughts on “Homeschooling in the Philippines: Where to Get Support

  1. Hi. Im a mom of four and 3 of them are already of school age. We keep changing addresses because of my husband’s job and I know this can’t be good for the kids. The eldest has been in different schools every school year and I feel sorry for her. We now live in cebu but plan to transfer to saudi before the year ends. I really want to just teach them at home that way if we ever transfer residence again it will not be as hard. Please help me choose the right school and program.


    1. Hi, Ivy! 🙂 How old are your kids? I totally understand where you’re coming from — it is very hard to be moving around a lot, especially if you have children. I don’t think I can tell you which is the right homeschool and program for your family, because you are the one who knows your family and your kids best, and only you can choose what’s best for them. Having said that, if you’re not working, I can suggest Catholic Filipino Academy or CFA ( to you — especially if you’re looking for a local Catholic homeschool provider with DepEd ties.You might want to read this post too, if you haven’t already: 🙂 Ultimately, I would suggest that you and your husband pray about your decision and look at the pros and cons of each provider. It would help, too, if you could attend orientations of the different local homeschool providers (though I know you are based in Cebu and it might be hard to do so). CFA can provide you with an orientation video though, based on my knowledge. If your kids are elementary-aged, you can email them at For high school-aged students, you can email I hope this helps! 🙂 God bless!


  2. Greetings!

    I am homeschooling my high school children independent of a provider – and I was wondering if there are extra-curricular or social groups out there that my children could join?

    Thank you for your time! 🙂


    1. Hi Christine! 🙂 Sorry for the late reply. There’s a Facebook group for parents homeschooling high school, which was started by a friend of mine. Here’s the link:

      You might also want to try connecting with Catholic Filipino Academy. I believe they offer activities for homeschooled high schoolers even if they are not enrolled with them, for a certain fee. Please email for more details. You may let them know that I referred you. 🙂

      Thanks again and God bless!


  3. Hi!

    I have a brother with disability. He was diagnosed with Pott’s disease. His lower extremities were affected that’s why he can’t use his legs and feet. I plan to put him to a home school but I don’t know where can I enroll him. We are from Calamba, Laguna and my brother is incoming Grade 4 student. Please help. Thanks!


    1. Hi, Mara!

      Sorry to hear about your brother; will include him and your family in our prayers! Regarding where to enroll him, you might want to try inquiring at Catholic Filipino Academy via You can check out their FB page or website ( for more info. God bless!


  4. Hi Ms. Tina,

    Would really appreciate if you can recommend a school who offers homeschool for grade 1. I have a son, who just turned 6 last Oct. 3, 2016, and he is currently enrolled in grade 1. Sad to say, it seems that he has difficulty adjusting to his classmates. He loves to play a lot. From CEBU.


    1. Hi, Marie! 🙂 There are a number of homeschool providers here in the Philippines that offer Grade 1. Some of them are listed here: but a more updated list can be found here: 🙂 Please try contacting them so you can find out your options. Hope this helps somehow. God bless!


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